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Meet Your Houston Photographer, Durwin Randle

Hello, my name is Durwin Randle!

Thanks for visiting PhotoVid Gallery. We specialize in candid, casual, and posed photography in natural lighting with a journalistic style for Wedding, Portrait and Graduation Photography in Houston, Texas.

And just in case you have no ideal what I’m talking about when I mentioned candid, casual, posed, natural lighting or journalistic, let me explain.

A candid photograph is captured through motion mostly, without creating a posed appearance. An excellent way to capture true emotion of a family having or an event such as wedding, sports, family reunion or church.

A casual photograph is normally done in a natural environment. They might look as if the subject is just relaxing next to a brick wall or walking down the beach. This is perfect for portraits (family, individual, kids).

A posed photograph is more intentional in its composition, creating a formal artifact of an event to remember. This is the ideal pose for a lot of portraits (bridal session, engagement session, senior portraits, family portraits, maternity portraits and corporate head-shots).

Photojournalism is a a little different because this is the person who takes an alternative approach and captures spontaneous moments to emphasize emotions in order to tell a story. You will see this type of photographer shooting weddings and portraits.

Natural Lighting is the process of taking photographs using the natural scenery (the beach, park, sky, urban area, etc.). Natural lighting can be indoors/outdoors, during the day or at night. If you’re pictures or not being taken in a studio, most likely your photographer is shooting in natural lighting.

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Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past. by Berenice Abbott

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Favorite for the Month, April 2017

Family portraits of mama playing with her son at Challenger Park. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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