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We Created A Photography Special Just for Easter

  21.03.2017   Durwin   Photography   No comments

We wanted to create a photography special for Easter that's hot enough to hatch an egg, and we did that.

Squirrels Posing for our Nikon 35mm 1.8G

Is shooting with a 1.8 lens or lower exclusively for indoor shooting or can those lens be used for outdoors as well? Checkout these squirrels for yourself.

Quality Prints without the Quality Price!

  31.08.2016   Durwin   Creative Designs   No comments

So what’s the big deal about printing with a professional lab as apposed to printing with your local lab? We combine quality lab prints at local lab prices.

Quality Professional Prints without the Quality Professional Price

At PVG Photo Designs, we've partnered with two of our favorite print  labs to bring professional quality printing to our customers. Now you can get Professional Quality Prints but without

Enjoy the 4th of July for 2016

  4.07.2016   Durwin   Holiday's   No comments

Be safe and enjoy the 4th of July!

Educating Clients On The Value Of Professional Photography

If you want to know why your clients see professional photography as not being a valuable asset, here’s a mini book you’ll want to read asap.

100 Facebook Like’s And Growing

We Finally Made It Thank you for your help and support in getting our Facebook fan page to 100 Facebook Like's. Without your support, we would not have made it.