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Hello, my name is Durwin Randle, and thanks for visiting my website. I specialize in candid, casual, and posed photography in natural lighting for Wedding, Portrait, Graduation, & Event Photography. Just in case you have no ideal what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Is a photograph captured through motion mostly, without creating a posed appearance. An excellent way to capture true emotion.

Is done in natural environments. They might look as if the subject is just relaxing next to a brick wall or walking down the beach.

Is more intentional in its composition, creating a formal artifact of an event to remember.

Is a person who takes an alternative approach and captures spontaneous moments to emphasize emotions in order to tell a story.

Is the process of taking photographs using the natural scenery in Clear Lake, Texas puts PVG in a Unique Location to provide photography services from Galveston to Houston, Katy to Baytown and everything in between.

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Favorite for the Month, March 2016

Engagement pictures of a lovely couple whom just got married. Congratulation and may God Bless your marriage.

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